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I am Zionela Belgrave, an Italian-Venezuelan citizen  living in Italy for the past 37 years.

Briefly, after graduating and making several courses I worked in the banking and insurance area as a secretary. Artistically,  I always dedicated my free time to develop artistic skills mostly painting portraits, a subject that I preferred for a long time.

With respect to art education, I attended for over ten years different courses and schools of drawing and painting in Caracas until, with the idea of creating my own independent work, I concentrated on the restoration of works on canvas and wood at the Universidad Simón Rodriguez in which scope I learned various painting techniques, including ancient ones. In 1984 I moved to Florence to deepen my restoration studies, thinking of combining painting with restoration work. 


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What do I think about art and why I paint: 


In short, I believe that there is always a work of art which begins in the painter's artistic idea which he then performs with care and passion.

When at work, I try to create art following my intuition and if I don't obtain inspiration, I start to invent. 

I love to paint mainly because I get deeply concentrated as in no other activity. I also like it and am pleased to feel a sense of thorough satisfaction for every project concluded.

In the course of time, themes have changed, now prevailing imaginary common subjects and situations, tending towards themes inducing serene moods and positive spirits because somehow they will be hanging on the walls of homes, that is why I try not to represent darkness and/or depressed sides of humanity since everybody inevitably sees or hears about these things every day.

I am inspired by the fact that everything is connected in space, distances and locations forming part of a bigger entity.


What I do:


In addition to painting as described above, I make portraits and specific themes on request, some of which I have published on the site as an example.


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